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Organization(s): Files Create

To upload files to you must first create the file under a given share. You do that by posting the filename: Files

Get the state of a file. This returns the following data: Files Blob

Will redirect to the binary content of the file Files Blob Thumb

Will redirect to a thumbnail of the binary file. Currently only available for images. Files Destroy

Delete a file and the binary contents. Files Upload

Get upload urls to the file. This returns a new PUT and POST url for you to upload the file to.nOBS You can also choose to use the put- or posturl that you were previously given to override the file. Shares

Returns all your shares and the containing files: Shares Create

Creates a new share. The request body is optional but can look like: Shares

Lists a share. Shares Destroy

Delete a share and all of its files. Shares Update

Updates a share. Currently you can only update the title Users Login

The API is based on oauth with an xauth handshake. The request body looks like this: Users Me

Returns your user information:

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